Real Estate Writing Samples

For Home Buyers


"Mortgages 101: Getting Starting with Borrowing Basics," for Marvin Gardens.

(Sept 21st, 2017.)

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For Home Sellers

"Bay Area Smart Homes: How to Turn Your Home into a Smart Home," for Marvin Gardens.

(Sept 11th, 2017.)

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"How to Win a Bidding War in the East Bay," for Marvin Gardens.

(Sept 14th, 2017.)

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"9 Home Staging Tips for Sellers," for Marvin Gardens.

(Sept 18th, 2017.)

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10_mg blog first time homebuyer tips.jpg

"6 Tips for First-Time Home Buyers," for Marvin Gardens.

(Sept 29th, 2017.)

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"What Home Improvement Upgrades Have the Best Return on Investment?" for Marvin Gardens.

(Sept 25th, 2017.)

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1_mg blog mortgage tips.jpg

"Mortgage Tips for First-Time Home Buyers," for Marvin Gardens.

(Sept 7th, 2017.)

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How to Sell a House in the East Bay," for Marvin Gardens.

(Oct 3rd, 2017.)

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SaaS Writing Samples

For Agents & Brokers


"Real Estate Lead Conversion: 6 Tips for Getting More Appointments," for Chime. (June 5th, 2017.)

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"Email Drip Campaigns: A Powerful Email Marketing Tool for Agents," for Chime. (Jan 9th, 2017.)

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"5 Essential Real Estate Tools You Need to Use," for Chime.

(March 2nd, 2017.)

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"Real Estate Lead Nurturing: The Best Ways to Contact Your Leads," for Chime.

(May 16th, 2017.)

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"Lead Nurturing Tips: Why 3 Touches is Not Enough to Convert a Lead," for Chime.

(May 11th, 2017.)

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"How to Integrate Mobile Users into Your Lead Conversion Strategy," for Chime.

(June 7th, 2017.)

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Product Marketing & Updates

"Improving Performance with Analytics & Reporting in the Chime Dashboard," for Chime.

(Jan 27th, 2017.)

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"Real Estate CRM Features: How to Call and SMS on Chime," for Chime.

(Mar 10th, 2017.)

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Thought Leadership Samples

For Entrepreneurs

entrepreneur 3.jpeg

"5 Key Design Factors for an Effective Home Office,"

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"First to the Table: 4 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Succeed in Pioneering Industries,"

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"How to Succeed in the On-Demand Economy,"

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"4 Easy Ways To Make Your Micro Home Feel As Big As A Hotel Suite," Elite Daily

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"The Best Cities for Recent Grads in 2016," for HomeSuite. (August 1st, 2016.)

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"A Business Travel Guide for Ultimate Savings," for HomeSuite.

(July 12th, 2016.)

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"Announcing Online Booking For Furnished Rentals," for HomeSuite.

(June 24th, 2016.)

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