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Zachary Foisie
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My name is Zachary Foisie and welcome to my digital portfolio.

I am a writer and content marketer with experience in B2B/B2C SaaS solutions. Although I specialize in real estate and technology, I am also a published fiction and nonfiction writer, a seasoned ghostwriter for C-level executives, and an accomplished grant writer for local non-profits.

My mission is to connect companies with their audiences on a human level. As a storyteller, I craft engaging insights from dry data. My content is designed to spark conversation, instill market authority, and establish thought leadership. In addition to writing, I am also Google Analytics certified and passionate about SEO.

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Real Estate Writing Samples

For Home Buyers


"Mortgages 101: Getting Starting with Borrowing Basics," for Marvin Gardens.

(Sept 21st, 2017.)

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For Home Sellers

"Bay Area Smart Homes: How to Turn Your Home into a Smart Home," for Marvin Gardens.

(Sept 11th, 2017.)

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"How to Win a Bidding War in the East Bay," for Marvin Gardens.

(Sept 14th, 2017.)

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"9 Home Staging Tips for Sellers," for Marvin Gardens.

(Sept 18th, 2017.)

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10_mg blog first time homebuyer tips.jpg

"6 Tips for First-Time Home Buyers," for Marvin Gardens.

(Sept 29th, 2017.)

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"What Home Improvement Upgrades Have the Best Return on Investment?" for Marvin Gardens.

(Sept 25th, 2017.)

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1_mg blog mortgage tips.jpg

"Mortgage Tips for First-Time Home Buyers," for Marvin Gardens.

(Sept 7th, 2017.)

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How to Sell a House in the East Bay," for Marvin Gardens.

(Oct 3rd, 2017.)

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SaaS Writing Samples

For Agents & Brokers


"Real Estate Lead Conversion: 6 Tips for Getting More Appointments," for Chime. (June 5th, 2017.)

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"Email Drip Campaigns: A Powerful Email Marketing Tool for Agents," for Chime. (Jan 9th, 2017.)

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"5 Essential Real Estate Tools You Need to Use," for Chime.

(March 2nd, 2017.)

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"Real Estate Lead Nurturing: The Best Ways to Contact Your Leads," for Chime.

(May 16th, 2017.)

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"Lead Nurturing Tips: Why 3 Touches is Not Enough to Convert a Lead," for Chime.

(May 11th, 2017.)

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"How to Integrate Mobile Users into Your Lead Conversion Strategy," for Chime.

(June 7th, 2017.)

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Product Marketing & Updates

"Improving Performance with Analytics & Reporting in the Chime Dashboard," for Chime.

(Jan 27th, 2017.)

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"Real Estate CRM Features: How to Call and SMS on Chime," for Chime.

(Mar 10th, 2017.)

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Thought Leadership Samples

For Entrepreneurs

entrepreneur 3.jpeg

"5 Key Design Factors for an Effective Home Office,"

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"First to the Table: 4 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Succeed in Pioneering Industries,"

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"How to Succeed in the On-Demand Economy,"

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"4 Easy Ways To Make Your Micro Home Feel As Big As A Hotel Suite," Elite Daily

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"The Best Cities for Recent Grads in 2016," for HomeSuite. (August 1st, 2016.)

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"A Business Travel Guide for Ultimate Savings," for HomeSuite.

(July 12th, 2016.)

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"Announcing Online Booking For Furnished Rentals," for HomeSuite.

(June 24th, 2016.)

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Long-form Content

website chime teams ebook thumbnail.png

Ebook: How to Build and Run a Successful Real Estate Team from the Ground Up

This ebook details the importance of forming a real estate team, the different types of team dynamics, and actionable strategies agents can take to build their very own real estate team from the ground up.

website chime tech ebook thumbnail.png

Ebook: A Real Estate Guide to Saving Time and Money with Sales Automation

This ebook goes over the importance of implementing sales automation tools into an agent's pipeline, from why to how. This ebook includes content addressing SaaS application strengthens within the sales funnel.

website chime leads ebook thumbnail.png

Ebook: Grow Your Sphere of Influence with Proven Lead Conversion Strategies

Wondering when to call, text, or email a lead? This ebook explains the differences between the three main sales tools and includes content addressing SaaS tools and their strengths within the sales funnel.

Services & Requests

I am available as a freelance writer, contributor, grant writer, or creative consultant for projects of any size, audience, and industry. Please fill out the corresponding form with as much detail as possible. I will be in touch shortly or find me on Scripted using the button below:

Content services: I charge a flat-rate for basic research, preliminary writing, and editing. My rates for customized projects including contributions will be tailored to meet your needs on a per-project basis. 

Grant services: I charge a flat-rate for funder research, Letter of Intent creation, and grant editing. For grant writing, my rates will vary depending on the volume of grants, the type of grants, and scope of the program requiring funding. (Does not include commission). 


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